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in the face of the current "wall flowers outside the wall incense" situation, the association, shoes enterprises, shopping malls three party communication to explore solutions In contrast to for Chengdu shoe enterprises to open the market in the local market, yesterday held three talks in the new exhibition center, dialogue party representatives of local enterprises, including more than three points, Aiminer, Kameido, Heng Shen and other business owners, the other party to Carrefour, Ito, and other business field and everyone, from the government representatives of the Department of. difficult to open the local market to avoid trade barriers risk, coastal enterprises already in the mainland market brings up the banner. Zhang Jinquan worries, "this way, Chengdu shoes enterprise development space is smaller.". before Chengdu shoe including more than three points, including the export in Kameido at the same time, also in the operation of the domestic market. But in the local market "do not go", they have to give up. For example, Heng Chun shoes enterprises aimed at the mainland market produced by thorn rose brand, due to poor sales performance, recently from Xidan stores and other stores out. "stores are talking on the sales performance." Bailian Tianfu's friendship department store market operations department business executives in the Yellow River said cheap foamposites they have worked before and Kameido, but to the other 3 years, the brand's sales performance has been in the lower level of the mall, the two sides finally had to terminate the cooperation. "The quality of Chengdu shoes is not a problem, the lack of R & D and marketing experience, in the homogenization of many brands, it is difficult to impress consumers." (Editor: admin) "all this reminds me of Gap 10 years ago."." Pan Ning, who studied at University of Pennsylvania, said at the scene. As the low price brand of Gap, America's largest apparel group, Old Navy entered China in March 2014. But now its popularity seems to have gone beyond the obscure mainline brand Gap. "Gap is old, and it's not cool anymore." He added another sentence. this year, Gap has undergone a series of management changes, including the departure of the company's chairman and CEO Glenn Murphy, who served 7 years in February. This series of changes may be due to Gap's dismal performance. The Gap group's earnings figures are really disappointing. Gap's same store sales slipped 8% in August, the sixteenth month in a row. Its high-end brand Banana Republic is also facing decline, with the same store sales decline expanded to 11%. Only Old Navy still maintained good momentum, the same store sales growth of 6%, while it was only 2% growth over the same period last year. because of the support of the Old Navy, W jordan 3 katrina 2018 all Street has nothing to do with the company. But there is no doubt that Gap has been declining. A statement from its San Francisco headquarters said the company will close 175 stores in North America in the next few years and cut about 250 people from its headquarters to reverse its decline in sales. Owen Shapiro, an retail analyst, says Gap has made many of the mistakes that brands will make after success - well done. On the contrary, young people's consumption concept with countless changes. They tend to get bored with a brand and tend to follow suit. Like the decline of Levis and the entire cowboy category, one of the problems with Gap is that it has failed to keep up with the trend of keeping pace with the times to attract young consumers. The heavy use of social media in the fashion industry has exacerbated this process. "Today, everyone can notice the trend on the Internet, everyone is a critic, and a brand like Gap will be very outdated." Kate David Editorialist, co founder of luxury accessories website The Hudson, said. , the brand of the same group, Old Navy is much cheaper than Gap and Banana Republic. It's only $30 for a men's jeans. Old Navy, China's general manager, Michael Barnes, told you last September that Old Navy is a much more approachable brand than the traditional fast fashion brands that consumers know. In China, it is on a family line, emphasizing that jordans on sale online less than $300 is needed for each family member to find the right tannin products. fast fashion brands)Asics tiger continues to expand its creative brand dedicated to the classical model, the full of vigor purple splash in the sheep leather shoes. Grid received a gradient, eventually disappear in front of neutral white and gray, so named "Purple gradient", an exotic and romantic imagination. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: Sneakernewsin the Air? Jordan series by many fans favorite shoes? Air Jordan 4? "Thunder" in addition to the limited, the color is quite unique in the series of works, this time Jordan Brand will reappear in this style? Air Jordan 14 above, with black and yellow lines with lightning quick sense used in the car is inspired by the Air Jordan 14 can be said to be quite suitable, this color is expected to launch in July 4th, love friends please pay close attention to the following information. source: s4l? if you have the impression, Adidas #LVL3 brand activities held in Las Vegas last month, Damian Lillard's signing players at the scene to share seve jordans on sale mens ral has not yet officially published D Lillard 2 new color, which is a double with high contrast black, yellow and white are crafted, irregular the design key point is put in the shoe pattern, also enrich the overall color collocation shoelaces details. The D Lillard 2 has been sold on, a foreign online site, and Taiwan has not yet been sold. source: yesterday of the Nick war Miami classic combination Young was first put on the latest Kobe Bryant Nike Kobe 9 Elite endorsement shoes, ultra high design for Nike Kobe 9 Elite on the pitch is the one and only. The opponents heat is replaced with retro shirts, Norris Cole wear classic shoes, Nike Air Zoom Generation, LeBron James is maintained with Nike Zoom Soldier 7. Another pioneer of gold combination, Damian Lillard newborn calf wear Adidas D Rose show 4 Tomahawk dunk and ground breaking, shocked all the players on the spot. source: KicksonfireNew Balance again 'White Instinct' series, put up the white coat in the eye-catching cultural history and craftsmanship of the retro shoes into a classic fashion in the breath of summer. Fresh and simple, the outward appearance can be seen everywhere, the elegant embellishment in detail, no matter what style of street fashion, can easily cope with, add live brilliance and surprise. New Balance this time to three classic retro series, CRT300, ML999 and CM1600 show different styl buy cheap jordans online es of White Instinct series, and in accordance with its characteristics, with the corresponding patented shock absorber technology. CRT300 uses an exclusive lightweight REVlite midsole suspension technology, in contrast with the traditional bottom 30% weight reduction, significantly enhance the daily walking comfort, ML999 and CM1600 are equipped with the exclusive ABZORB shock absorption pad, excellent compression and resilience properties effectively reduce foot movement to withstand the impact of a long time, also can at ease. In the design, CRT300 maintained a single color of different materials together classic details, collocation suede and mesh uppers, through simple, casual sense of fashion flavor; ML999 compared with last year all white leather, this shoe design will upgrade again, to show a big crocodile embossed texture with a low-key luxury; CM1600 suede and mesh stitching design add integral avant-garde, and beige suede stitching to reconcile, looks simple and elegant, but more eager for life and leisure. NB CRT300The KOBE X VINO, which will be launched on March 7th, is inspired by Kobe Bryant's experience of promoting team cohesion through a dinner with his teammates. KOBE X VINO is inspired by the team cohesiveness created by dinner 007007 001001 004004 006006 003003 010010 in the 19 year basketball occupation career, Kobe Bryant has always insisted to challeng air jordan 11 space jam for sale e his teammates, whether rookie or veteran, all members have to hard training and conviction, to play its advantages to the maximum and success. Kobe Bryant's fanatical dedication to the pitch earned him five championships. Kobe Bryant knew that one of the elements of success is the field team, it is a team dinner, drink form cohesion. The KOBE X VINO basketball shoe design emphasizes the transparency of Kobe Bryant life through translucent material and color matching stories. Kobe Bryant was found in the early stage of occupation career, the wine is a good way to enhance the trust and cohesion between friends and teammates. Past memories provide a direct inspiration for the design of the X VINO KOBE, which comes from the green grapes used to make white wine. KOBE X VINO interactive experience on will provide a unique interactive experience for KOBE X VINO, which is the first attempt by Nike basketball. The experience illustrates the story behind KOBE X by displaying the shoe's mobile devices, interactive experiences, tactile vibrations, animations, and Kobe Bryant original audio. KOBE X VINO series of goods KOBE X VINO will be on sale in designated retail stores in Greater China since March 7th. adidas T-MAC Series in recent years began to resume, and recently also came 5 generations of good news coming back, not just the original color, many new versions also g Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale radually exposed with time. T-MAC 5 was originally published in 2005, after ten years apart in the upper Adidas also experimented with different elements, through multiple regression changes that T-MAC 5 is no longer just a pair of basketball shoes, in addition to the use of the fiery red face is now quite full, especially on the surface with the rivet shape, the original function orientation the appearance of more add some punk rock and pop imagery. source: fyk7LeBron James in the playoffs first will the real Nike LeBron Soldier 11 appearance caused by hot, but the official Nike has not yet been revealed further information, but rather to the LeBron Soldier 10 "Pinnacle" from elegant breath, to pay tribute to LeBron James from Akron NBA station on the way home hall experience. This section of the band and the different material, use leather material and presents LJ Logo to imprint the way, the top of the white bandage on the jersey number 23 and symbol three degrees Championship (3 3XWC x World Champions) words, with black and white alternate show elegant visual enjoyment, in addition to the heel is the hometown of Akron design code 216 with Cleveland code 330 and LeBron James, to add to his personal exclusive features. Nike LeBron Soldier 10 'Pinnacle' is currently on sale at the US Nike official website, priced at $140, and will be shared with Taiwan if there is further sale Retro jordans for sale information. source: Nike recently on the king's warriors game is Klay Thompson that the single node achieved remarkable performance of 37 points, helping the team win also broke the record, then waved to him all the shoes label this war, according to network news that he finally chose to reach an agreement with the Chinese brand ANTA that will get ANTA shoes and sponsorship, also let the brand's players in addition to Rajon Rondo, Chandler Parsons, Luis Scola, Kevin Garnett and other add a force, but the previous Klay Thompson in cooperation with Nike, the ANTA can win in the competition, I believe the contract content and details to make sure the Klay is Thompson the official is expected in the next week, all star weekend to make a formal announcement. news source: sneakernews in early November lead exposure kind this curry 2 "Haight Street" overwhelmed by the formal sale information release, the color inspiration in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco, and use familiar before and after stitching methods presented, blue and white two colour filled in; shoes is expected will be officially on sale January 2016 15. source: sneakernewsJuun.J x adidas Original Superstar earlier first exposure, and the cooperation between the two is far more than this one, then both will be released in the spring of 2015 the new official debut, let us preview. This four pair of shoe, in orde cheap air jordans r to meet the full range of styles and colors of shoes many demanding requirements of high and low for help with black and white were present, the use of high-quality leather making, and classic Adidas Original three stripes logo is using three Velcro instead, have a unique style. Really let people find everything fresh and new design. juunj-adidas-spring2015-01-630x419.jpg (23.92 KB, download number: 0) download Juun.J x adidas Originals series of 2015 new spring 2014-7-2 09:55 upload juunj-adidas-spring2015-02-630x420.jpg (26.43 KB, download number: 0) download Juun.J x adidas Originals series of 2015 new spring 2014-7-2 09:55 upload juunj-adidas-spring2015-04-630x420.jpg (20.08 KB, download number: 0) download Juun.J x adidas Originals series of 2015 new spring 2014-7-2 09:56 upload juunj-adidas-spring2015-03-630x420.jpg (26.22 KB, download number: 0) download Juun.J x adidas Originals series of 2015 new spring 2014-7-2 09:55 JuunJ Adidas Originals upload, Superstar, 00The website of the Ministry of economic development in Italy reported on September 19th, Italy economic development department in charge of foreign trade minister Urso said that in September 17th the EU anti-dumping committee expressed the view is not binding on the Commission, virtually no "most", so he thinks Mandelson will not stop to carry out investigation of the Sino Vietnamese leather jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black shoes anti-dumping case. He also said that the government of Italy to support domestic shoe-making enterprises and the Ministry of economic development of Italy website reported on September 19th, the Italy economic development department in charge of foreign trade minister Urso said that in September 17th the EU anti-dumping committee expressed the view is not binding on the Commission, there is no actual "majority", so he thinks Mandelson will not stop in Vietnam leather shoes anti-dumping case investigation. He also said that the government of Italy to support domestic shoe-making enterprises and the European footwear enterprises demand, and asked the European commission responsibility, adhere to the consistent position of its investigation. The damage caused by the European footwear industry is obvious. Urso also criticized the European Union's approach. He said that the Commission in the shoe anti-dumping case on the first take "carp" approach. For the first time in the history of the European Union, the member states were asked not to end the investigation. Unfortunately, Italy could not avoid the so-called "preventive investigation", but the British and the other 13 members had clear evidence of dumping EU shoemakers submitted to the European Commission is obvious, so it is reasonable to reopen the investigation. (Editor: admin).Summer is coming. The weather is hot, so it's time to change shoes. is certainly not what feeling, from winter to summer, autumn and winter shoes at the foot of the upgrading to the spring and summer. Run itself is a heat generation and heat release process, the feet are in constant motion, the heat in the continuous manufacturing, coupled with the hot summer temperatures, the air cooling performance of running shoes is very important. : Nike Zoom Air is one of the traditional cooling Pegasus 32 because the upper change let Pegasus 32 air permeability increases greatly, can feel the wind flow of running shoe warehouse, but Pegasus 32 in cooling has a small disadvantage, because the Pegasus 32 inside black texture, and summer sunlight would easily penetrate the outer layer of the mesh is engineering it will affect the absorption, so the cooling of Pegasus 32 to a certain extent. Two: Saucony Type traditional cooling A6 despite last year's old product, but the preferred list from Saucony Type A6 was once again into the summer cooling shoes. With the Saucony Type A6 is actually a pair of iron shoes three, seems to be suspected of cheating, but this is not important, who let it really enough ventilation, adequate cooling. Type A6 [shoes new shoes] - tasting this season (BECECR Bikeer) men's shoes series by BECECR (Bikeer) design director Sanchez Nenvda, artistic director of the Blo Aecur guide to low carbon life style, simple dress and Moorish Spain famous director, photographer, cartoonist and composer and other contemporary artists to design the source of inspiration for designers, combined with the traditional innovation, with strong practicability and unique style. 〈br bececr="" (bikeer)="" shoes BECECR (Bikeer) will be into a new use of visual effect and feel the contrasting leather stitching for traditional mens shoes, which is one of the highlights of this series, the use of bright purple in winter, the bold design is called the strickle three points. BECECR (Bikeer) series of products will be in mid August 2011 on the global BECECR (Bikeer) store officially listed. , the most authoritative shoe net in ChinaHigh Dunk in was designed from the beginning as a basketball shoe was born, but with the development of the times, configuration is still old Dunk High also began to gradually turned into leisure styles, and overwhelmed coincided with the 30th anniversary of the birth, various versions will ensue, including this has in the Chinese version of shelves Dunk High "denim" color, now brings the shoes of the physical details list. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: sneakerfreakerVans LXVI 2012 autumn and winter shoes series appreciate 2013-12-08 22:40:28 Vans LXVI is Vans in June this year, the newly established branch brand, LXVI is Rome digital 66 meaning, because Vans brand was founded in California, 1966. The branch promotes new Vans shoes with new materials and new technologies. In the fall and winter, Vans LXVI brought us a variety of new shoes, shoes with the latest shoe-making technology, each shoe as far as possible to achieve less stitching or non stitching uppers, with lightweight outsole, making sense of science and technology. This series of shoes will be on shelves at the end of the year, please be patient friends waiting patiently. adidas Originals Tubular Nova Primeknit is now on sale at 2016-04-18 11:30:03 adidas Originals is a new member of the Tubular family Tubular Nova, I believe you are no stranger to the. Today, the network brought us the Primeknit material version of the object, the upper use of Primeknit material and black suede combined structure, shoe style shoe collar design, comfort without doubt. Its overall uphold the family vamp temperament, I believe it can easily attract everyone's attention. It is reported that the shoes have now landed at designated shops for sale, interested friends may wish to shop to see it.